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David Stewart, PE
Senior Consultant

"It doesn't matter how thin you slice it, there are always two sides. When it comes to dispute resolution, it is important to be able to anticipate the adverse perspective."

David Stewart has over 45 years of experience in engineering, construction, project management, and dispute resolution. Serving as a project manager for general contractors, he successfully managed multi-million dollar mega-contracts on diverse projects such as highways, viaducts, waste water treatment plants, war remediation, hospitals, hotels and casinos, commercial buildings, and residential.

David has a profound understanding of the construction process and direct knowledge of a number of construction-related fields, including building surveying and repair of damaged building envelope components.

He is known for his sound owner representation services including design analysis, contract preparation and negotiation, contractor selection, scheduling, cost control, and dispute avoidance and resolution.

David is skilled in construction defect analysis, claim preparation, and claim analysis. For owners, developers, general contractors and subcontractors, he has provided analyses of alleged construction defects for all components of building envelopes.

David has prepared numerous claims for contractors and subcontractors on various types of disputes involving delay, differing conditions, extra work, defective work and materials by suppliers, and contractual disputes.

He has participated in responding to several multi-million dollar construction claims concerning issues such as defective design, damage by subcontractors during construction, and construction accidents. David's direct involvement has facilitated the resolution of many disputes.

He also serves as an expert witness and has extensive experience with the legal process. David has testified at trials, arbitrations, and depositions on dozens of construction-related cases, many involving multi-million dollar commercial projects. He is a seasoned expert in the analysis of construction failures, including matters relating to water intrusion and durability.

David holds a BE in civil engineering from Auckland University in New Zealand. He is a registered professional engineer in Washington State and New Zealand.