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Commercial Nuclear Power Facility
Nuclear Industry Consulting Consortium
Republic of Egypt

The Republic of Egypt was pursuing its first commercial nuclear power facility to help augment the country's energy resources. The Egyptian Nuclear Power Plants Authority issued a solicitation for owner advisory services for building this facility.

A nuclear project is complex and requires diverse expertise and skills. No one company can independently provide all of the required expertise and skills to embark on such an effort. A cohesively operating consortium of experts would be necessary to achieve compliance with the RFP. Additionally, a local Egyptian partner would be needed to serve as a contributing sponsor to provide integration with in-country nationals.

Helmes&Co managed the entire proposal response process by developing logistics, a framework, and execution plan for producing a compliant proposal. This involved three major initiatives:

  • Identifying the appropriate expertise through our network of industry contacts
  • Developing an analytical team to research all the required information and commence the assembly of the proposal inputs and drafting of the approach
  • Establishing a means to collect and synthesize all the inputs into one comprehensive response document

We assembled a qualified team of engineering and technical experts from nine different entities working together as one in a consortium arrangement. Once our team was in place, we conducted numerous workshops to vet the approach and develop details for our proposed workplan. The final effort involved developing a pricing model.

A comprehensive, responsive, and compliant proposal was submitted. After review, our consortium was short-listed, and we were invited to present on site with the other top tier competitors.

Note: To ensure client confidentiality is maintained, certain project details have been sanitized.