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Economic City
Supply Chain & Logistics Management Firm
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was building an "economic city" to help diversify the country's commercial capabilities. They sought an entity to provide full development, financial, and operational capabilities for the industrial zone of this new city. The initial phase required an assessment of the existing master plan and revisions.

Once this phase was completed, the entity would be responsible for three major areas:

  • Property Development
  • Tenant Attraction Strategy
  • Operations, as well as a significant complete logistic solution

The entity would be granted a 25-year concession whereby the overall investment holding company would provide overall governance, oversight, and finance placement for the development.

Assemble the appropriate expertise to form a consortium that can successfully provide full development, financial, and operational capabilities for the industrial zone of this new economic city.

A MENA region supply chain and logistics management firm retained Helmes&Co to assemble and integrate the appropriate response and team, including securing an additional financial partner to respond to the RFP. Our activities included:

  • Leveraging our worldwide network of professional contacts by integrating numerous firms and specific team members into a cohesive single team to provide the required services to the Saudi sponsor. In addition to technical proficiency, it was critical to identify team members with strong interpersonal skills who can operate effectively in a culturally diverse environment.
  • Identifying the required resources
  • Developing a detailed methodology as to how the consortium would execute work, which included the development elements and the tenant attraction strategy

Helmes&Co personnel assumed a leading role related to overall program management and program controls. The proposal and pricing was prepared and submitted, and a solid working relationship was established with the client. Our deliverables included an effective organization structure, sound economic models, and other unique features to ensure long-term success.

Our team was shortlisted, interviewed, and subsequently selected as the preferred bidder. However, due to a downturn in the global economy, the overall economic city development stalled, and team financing was severely impacted.

Note: To ensure client confidentiality is maintained, certain project details have been sanitized.