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Nuclear Facility Operations
Law Firm Representing Nuclear Facility Owner

A nuclear facility was embroiled in a significant and complicated dispute with the design-builder/operator. The issues involved technical and business elements as well as overall project management and controls.

To clarify its position, the facility owner and counsel needed analysis of project events and circumstances surrounding the overall facility performance. Expert reports would be required to support counsel's effort in the adjudication process.

A significant amount of data had to be reviewed to identify specific issues related to both performance/ technical elements. The data required analysis to determine the root cause on many performance-related issues associated with the dispute.

Helmes&Co mobilized to the client site and established with counsel an approach consistent with the litigation strategy. A data repository was quickly created that allowed easy access and recovery of information in order to develop the appropriate evidence for each issue. Our team was augmented with technical expertise to evaluate key findings and offer direction and specific examination. We comprehensively managed the process supporting counsel through discovery and deposition and at the hearing.

Helmes&Co's experience with large project developments and the integration of specialists provided the legal team with the appropriate insight and information to effectively cross examine witnesses and experts.

Note: To ensure client confidentiality is maintained, certain project details have been sanitized.