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Metropolitan Commercial Development
Building Owner & Structural Firm

A large metropolitan commercial high rise experienced a few selective structural impacts that resulted in unnecessary remedial work and impact costs to the owner. The owner needed to evaluate the cost and delay impacts as represented by the construction manager against the structural engineer.

A thorough evaluation of the project and the asserted claims was needed so the owner could determine the most cost effective and quickest means to reach resolution.

The relationships between the parties were fragmented with various consultants having separate contracts with the owner (developer).

In addition, the project was suspended due to the economic impact of a weakened real estate market. The project was further complicated by a change of ownership and structured work-out with the original developer, which made the decision making much more complicated.

To resolve the conflict in an expeditious manner, Helmes&Co proposed to the ownership a structured negotiation directly between the structural firm and the ownership. Both parties agreed, and we were jointly retained to perform the independent assessment and present a recommendation for settlement. After asking very targeted questions to both parties, we were able to reach a satisfactory commercial settlement.

Once we were able to assemble the facts and circumstances associated with the claim and reach consensus, the Helmes&Co claim resolution approach proved extremely cost effective to both parties and resulted in a mutually agreeable settlement.

Note: To ensure client confidentiality is maintained, certain project details have been sanitized.